Reduce, Re-Use And Recycle Your Way To A More Eco-Friendly Move


The cardboard, paper, and plastic bubble wrap you use to pack things up when moving your household can end up in a landfill where it will sit and decompose into the ground. To save the environment, consider the mantra "Reduce, re-use, recycle." Here are a few options for doing just that as you start to pack and move your home. Reduce Be realistic when packing. Do not take things that are broken or you know you will not use again.

6 January 2016

Four Tips For Your Apartment Move-In Day


Moving into an apartment can be very different than moving into a stand-alone home. Whether this is your first move or you are downsizing, there is some strategy when moving into an apartment. Here are for tips when it comes to planning and executing a move into an apartment building. 1. Measure Your Furnishings and Your Building Even if you are moving into an apartment that is spacious, you might want to measure stairwells and elevators before you buy a large bed or sectional couch.

4 January 2016

Storing Excess Customer Files: Containers and Bins You Can Use


Excess customer files can create bulk in your office, so your best option is finding ways to store these files so they don't get damaged and are easy to stack. Here are options for storage containers and bins that you can use to keep your customer files within easy reach while taking up the least amount of space. Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bins Heavy duty plastic that does not bend, crack, or break easily makes storing your excess customer files easy.

31 December 2015

Heaving Lifting Tips Every Moving Family Should Know


As with any other chore, there are correct and incorrect ways to lift heavy objects, and when you are moving out of your house, you're going to have to do it a lot. One of the main objectives involved to make the task easier and save wear and tear on your body is to use your legs and not your back. Here are a few tips to help make your job easier when you need to lift and carry heavy objects during your move.

25 December 2015

How To Get Ready For Moving Day


Whether you are moving to a new neighborhood or whether you are moving to a new city, you and your family are probably having mixed emotions. On one hand, there is the excitement of knowing there are new adventures ahead. On the other hand, it's hard to say goodbye to familiar places and people. Add the fact that you have to move your belongings, and you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

24 December 2015