Simplifying Your Storage Unit

After I started using my storage unit year-round, I realized that I needed to clean the place up. There were boxes everywhere, which made it really frustrating to find the things that I needed. My disorganized space also caused damage, since things got crushed and stepped on whenever I tried to find things. It took a lot of work, but I decided to take an entire weekend and simplify my space. I removed all of my belongings and then sorted, labeled, and reorganized all of my boxes. When I was finished, my space was clean, tidy, and easy to use. Read here to learn how to simplify your storage unit.

Storing Excess Customer Files: Containers and Bins You Can Use


Excess customer files can create bulk in your office, so your best option is finding ways to store these files so they don't get damaged and are easy to stack. Here are options for storage containers and bins that you can use to keep your customer files within easy reach while taking up the least amount of space.

Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bins

Heavy duty plastic that does not bend, crack, or break easily makes storing your excess customer files easy. You can buy these storage bins in a variety of colors to color-coordinate your files according to name, year they were created, or the type of files they are. When using heavy duty plastic storage bins to keep customer files in check, make sure you buy bins with handles and lids on them so they are easy to carry around and stack on top of one another. Stackable varieties have indented lids on them so placing one bin on top of another ensures a secure fit that won't budge or knock over.

Heavy Duty Plastic Totes 

Plastic totes are great for storing customer files that you need access to on a fairly frequent basis. Totes are smaller than bins, and often resemble a large lunch box or even a plastic carrying bag. A heavy duty style ensures that you can place several documents into a single tote without the worry of the bottom coming out or the handles breaking under the weight. Choose plastic totes with a snap enclosure or a zipper on them, so if they were to tip over, paperwork would not spill out. Use these plastic totes for storing under desks or keeping in employee closets so when you need a customer's file you can quickly access it. You can even choose plastic totes in stylish hues, such as black or solid white, so you can keep them out in the open without becoming an eyesore in the office.

Rolling Plastic Storage Dresser

A plastic storage dresser with wheels is an excellent option for customer files that many people in the office need to access throughout the work week. These dressers feature a series of drawers that can fit a multitude of files in for easy storage and organization. The rolling wheel option allows you to move the storage dresser from one office to another as needed without having to pick up bins and move them.

Storing excess customer files in the office can be made much easier with the right containers and bins. From stackable plastic containers to a rolling dresser, you can keep these items in easy reach without taking up the entire office space in paperwork. If you're looking for some storage options for your office, click here for info.


31 December 2015