Simplifying Your Storage Unit

After I started using my storage unit year-round, I realized that I needed to clean the place up. There were boxes everywhere, which made it really frustrating to find the things that I needed. My disorganized space also caused damage, since things got crushed and stepped on whenever I tried to find things. It took a lot of work, but I decided to take an entire weekend and simplify my space. I removed all of my belongings and then sorted, labeled, and reorganized all of my boxes. When I was finished, my space was clean, tidy, and easy to use. Read here to learn how to simplify your storage unit.

Three Types Of Moving Trucks That Will Be Essential To Your Commercial Move And Why


Commercial moving is more than just moving office equipment and desk chairs. Commercial moving also encompasses moving industrial and manufacturing equipment. Here are three types of moving trucks that will be essential to your commercial move of industrial and manufacturing equipment and why.

Flatbed Haulers

Flatbed trucks are open on all sides and provide a wide platform to which you can secure large, dense and heavy pieces of machinery and equipment. When there is absolutely no way your industrial and manufacturing stuff is going to fit through the "narrow" opening of the back of a traditional moving truck, a flatbed truck is your answer. It also allows freedom of movement in and around the flatbed when you need to use a crane to get the equipment from your factory onto the truck.

Drop-Bed Haulers

Similar to the flatbed hauler, this specialty moving truck can haul different but related pieces of equipment and machinery, or it can haul oddly-shaped pieces too. For example, if you have equipment that has an upper and lower section and taking it apart would be far more complicated and time-consuming, you can load the entire piece onto the drop-bed. The upper portion of the equipment can rest on the upper deck of the drop-bed hauler, while the rest of the equipment sits on the drop-bed trailer portion of the hauler. 

Double-Wide Covered Haulers

For the equipment and machinery that you absolutely do not want to get wet or overheated in the sun, you will need to rent a double-wide covered hauler. These trucks look like their single-wide truck counterparts, with their fully covered trailers, but they are twice the width (or close to twice the width). All super-heavy, oversized equipment with special hauling needs can fit inside these trucks, and be fully enclosed for the duration of the move to the new factory location.

Why All of These Trucks Will Be Essential 

When you have to move a lot of equipment and machinery, or when you have to clear your factory out entirely, you will need many of these trucks to complete the job. The more of these you can rent and borrow, the better, since you will want to complete your move with as few trips between the old and new factories as possible. Look for commercial moving companies that have a vast fleet of these available on the day you want to move so you do not have to hire more than one company to complete the job.


28 July 2016