Four Items That Must Have Climate-Controlled Storage


It is no big secret that clearing clutter at home is made easy with self storage facilities. But before you whisk away loads of household gear and furnishings to your chosen storage facility, you should make sure that what you are taking can withstand the change in climate. There are some items that must have climate control when they go in storage. Otherwise, what you retrieve when you are ready to bring your items back home could be in pretty rough shape, no matter how well it was wrapped, packed, or protected.

20 January 2016

Tips For When You Are Moving To Another City


When you are in the process of planning a move to another city (rather than within your current city), you may wonder what you can and should do to make the process go smoothly and to get through your move happily and successfully. However, if you have never moved between cities before, you may find yourself wondering how you can make sure that you achieve those goals. Get to know some of things that you should know about moving from one city to another and be sure that you are doing everything you can to streamline the process.

18 January 2016

Three Reasons To Use Self-Storage For Just A Short Duration


There are plenty of situations in which you might find yourself needing a short-term storage solution. Your local self-storage facility can help. Many such facilities do not require their customers to sign contracts, which means that while the customers using the units on either side of you might be in for the long haul, you're free to use the unit for just a handful of months or even weeks. Storage on a short-term basis can quickly free up space in your home, proving advantageous for a number of different reasons.

15 January 2016

Need A Last Minute Moving Company? Don't Skip Over Important Details


If you have been notified that you have to move for your job very last minute, and you don't know how you can get everything completed, let the experts step in. If you don't have time to pack up all of your belongings and you have a family to move, the more help you have, the easier the move will be. While you are worried about finding a new place to live, trying to get your kids enrolled in school, and managing loose ends before you move, the professionals will do all the dirty work.

14 January 2016

Relocating? Two Reasons Why You Should Hire A Moving Company


Moving to a new residence can be both exciting and stressful.  The excitement comes in when you think about taking in new scenery, but the stress arrives as you anticipate all of the work that you'll have to do to make the move a success.  That's why it's so valuable to have the assistance of a moving company.  Their help can turn a frustrating event into one that runs more smoothly.

12 January 2016

4 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For The Market


Your house is likely one of your biggest investments, so when it comes time to sell you will most likely want to ensure that you make the biggest profit possible. In order to do this it is important to put in time and effort to make your home as attractive as possible to homeowners before you even list your house for sale. Use the following tips to get your house ready for the market:

11 January 2016

What Services Do Full-Service Movers Provide?


If you are planning on moving soon, but don't have the time or energy to pack and take apart furniture yourself, you should consider hiring a full-service moving company. Not only do they transport all of your belongings to your new home, but they take care of the majority of packing as well. Here are some services you can expect from full-service movers. Packing Services The first thing the full-service movers will do is pack boxes for you.

8 January 2016