Simplifying Your Storage Unit

After I started using my storage unit year-round, I realized that I needed to clean the place up. There were boxes everywhere, which made it really frustrating to find the things that I needed. My disorganized space also caused damage, since things got crushed and stepped on whenever I tried to find things. It took a lot of work, but I decided to take an entire weekend and simplify my space. I removed all of my belongings and then sorted, labeled, and reorganized all of my boxes. When I was finished, my space was clean, tidy, and easy to use. Read here to learn how to simplify your storage unit.

Need A Last Minute Moving Company? Don't Skip Over Important Details


If you have been notified that you have to move for your job very last minute, and you don't know how you can get everything completed, let the experts step in. If you don't have time to pack up all of your belongings and you have a family to move, the more help you have, the easier the move will be.

While you are worried about finding a new place to live, trying to get your kids enrolled in school, and managing loose ends before you move, the professionals will do all the dirty work. Here are a few things to ask the moving company before you put down a deposit.

What's the Insurance Policy Value?

If you have expensive pieces of furniture, you have a lot of expensive electronics, stemware and other items, it's imperative to know all of the items will be covered. You may want your home insurance representative to put a value on all of your items in the house, so you know how much coverage the moving company needs to haul your items.

The company doesn't just need coverage to replace your household items if there is a crash or problem during the move, but also to cover their employees. They should have their own liability and workers compensation policies.

How are You Billed?

Companies bill differently, and you need to find the company that's the most economic for you. Are you getting charged by the hour, the amount of workers, or the distance that the company has to move you? Some companies may come to your property and give you a quote for the job, the others may charge a flat rate based on the square footage of your property. Get multiple estimates to make sure you get a fair price.

Check Qualifications

Check to make sure the company is registered with your local chamber of commerce for validation. See if they are registered with the Better Business Bureau. You also may want to read reviews and talk with a manager in person to ensure you are going to get what you pay for.

Just because you have to make a last minute move doesn't mean that you can skip over checking the credentials of any company you're considering using. Go over these things with any last minute movers that you want to use, before you put down any of your own money to save a date. 


14 January 2016