Simplifying Your Storage Unit

After I started using my storage unit year-round, I realized that I needed to clean the place up. There were boxes everywhere, which made it really frustrating to find the things that I needed. My disorganized space also caused damage, since things got crushed and stepped on whenever I tried to find things. It took a lot of work, but I decided to take an entire weekend and simplify my space. I removed all of my belongings and then sorted, labeled, and reorganized all of my boxes. When I was finished, my space was clean, tidy, and easy to use. Read here to learn how to simplify your storage unit.

What Services Do Full-Service Movers Provide?


If you are planning on moving soon, but don't have the time or energy to pack and take apart furniture yourself, you should consider hiring a full-service moving company. Not only do they transport all of your belongings to your new home, but they take care of the majority of packing as well. Here are some services you can expect from full-service movers.

Packing Services

The first thing the full-service movers will do is pack boxes for you. You do need to be there to give some direction for the boxes, such as labeling boxes how you want them to be labeled and showing what items should go in what box, but if you don't have preferences, the movers will take over. If you don't label boxes, the movers can do this for you, often labeling boxes based on the room they were in. They will also take care to label fragile as necessary. The movers bring all of their own packing items if requested, including bubble wrap, paper, tape, and boxes.

Disassemble and Reassemble Furniture

Another excellent service provided by full-service movers is disassembling furniture before you move. While some furniture is going to be moved as-is, other furniture is oversized and needs to be taken apart. For example, you might have put together your sofa inside your home and are now realizing it doesn't fit through the door. If this is the case, the movers will take it apart to move it into the truck, then put it back together when you get to your new home. Let movers know what furniture needs to be disassembled. They will always reassemble it in the new home too.

Move Boxes and Furniture

The main job of any mover is to move boxes and furniture, so of course full-service movers provide this service as well. They usually have a larger team so the packing, disassembling of furniture, and moving of items is done as quickly as possible. However, you should expect the entire process to take a little longer when you aren't doing any of the preparation work on your own. You might even have the company pack the day before and move the following day, depending on the amount of belongings in your home.

Unpack Boxes

When the movers reach your new home, they will unpack boxes if you ask for this service. Since the movers packed the boxes and might have even labeled them, they should have a good idea of where everything goes. You can direct them toward the correct bedrooms and let them know which things should be set up and which ones you would prefer doing on your own.

For more information and options, contact local packing and moving services, such as Bekins Van Lines Inc.


8 January 2016