Simplifying Your Storage Unit

After I started using my storage unit year-round, I realized that I needed to clean the place up. There were boxes everywhere, which made it really frustrating to find the things that I needed. My disorganized space also caused damage, since things got crushed and stepped on whenever I tried to find things. It took a lot of work, but I decided to take an entire weekend and simplify my space. I removed all of my belongings and then sorted, labeled, and reorganized all of my boxes. When I was finished, my space was clean, tidy, and easy to use. Read here to learn how to simplify your storage unit.

Four Tips For Your Apartment Move-In Day


Moving into an apartment can be very different than moving into a stand-alone home. Whether this is your first move or you are downsizing, there is some strategy when moving into an apartment. Here are for tips when it comes to planning and executing a move into an apartment building.

1. Measure Your Furnishings and Your Building

Even if you are moving into an apartment that is spacious, you might want to measure stairwells and elevators before you buy a large bed or sectional couch. Older buildings tend to have less wiggle room when it comes to doorways and entryways. If your new space will be more cramped than you are used to, make sure to map out where your existing furnishings will fit before you move.

2. Let Movers Know What to Expect

If you are hiring on a professional moving company, such as Caccamise Moving & Storage Co, it is important to let them know what they are in for on both sides of a move. This can involve disclosing whether or not buildings have elevators, what floor you live on, and what the parking situation is. Most professional movers are pros and can handle any kind of situation, but can bring enough help or the right equipment if the details call for something unique.

3. Pack Items for Storage Well

Whether you have a storage area on site or will be renting, many times apartment living will call for storage needs. If you have items that won't be in your apartment, these need to be packed for a long-term storage situation. Packing for a move is different than packing for storage and items you will unpack right away. Invest in plastic bins or sturdy boxes where you can store items such as seasonal items, books, or crafts.

4. Safety First

If you will be unloading in common areas and are in an urban environment, never leave items unattended. Make sure that you or a mover stays with the moving truck, especially if smaller items are being loaded and unloaded. Be as organized as possible before your move so that the process will go more quickly and your household items will be less at risk.

Moving into an apartment building might seem easier than an entire house, but can actually come with its own set of challenges. Try to be as ready as you can for your move day and anticipate what the movers will need from you. With a little extra foresight and planning, moving into an apartment can hopefully be done with minimal stress and move day issues.


4 January 2016